Revealed: The Step-by-Step Strategies Local Real Estate Investors Have Been Using Profitably for Years...

revealed: the step-by-step strategies local real estate investors are using to buy Nice homes in nice areas

FREE Book Reveals Local Investors' Lessons, Mistakes, and Strategies That You Can Leverage to Invest in Real Estate Without Touching a Hammer

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Learn how to buy nice homes in nice areas so you can profit from real estate without flipping homes or dealing with leaky toilets.

Inside you’ll learn the most important key to success in real estate, how to find A class tenants who will take care of your property, using joint ventures to purchase real estate, and much more.

You’ll learn to avoid some of the mistakes we’ve made. We also share how we've made over a billion dollars in investment real estate.

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Part 1

laying the foundation

01 - How to make a life of income in 29 days or less

02 - Quick Start #1: Preparation

03 - Quick Start #2: Systems

04 - Quick Start #3: Marketing

Part 2

beyond the basics

08 - Sometimes investing can be boring

09 - Number Crunching for single rental units

10 - Five things that might be holding you back

11 - using rock star Marketing systems to fill your property - Part 1 4 more parts and 26 exciting chapters!

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Chapter 1: How To Make A Life of Income in 29 Days or Less

In this first chapter, we’re going to explain the concept of an “asset base,” give you a start-up checklist and provide you with a schedule of activities to complete. This is what we call laying the foundation.

Sidebar: If you’re an “experienced” real estate investor, then you’ll be able to increase your profits and maximize your time from the information you’re about to learn. If you’re a “beginner” real estate investor, then Part 1 of this book will thoroughly explain how to get each of these preliminary steps completed.
OK, let’s get a big point out of the way right up front. We’ve worked with a lot of investors. Young and old. All shapes and sizes. So, we know a little bit about “why” you are investing. You’re likely looking to:
A. Create financial freedom so that you can have personal freedom.
B. Retire from what you’re doing so that you can live the life you really want.
C. Create a “little extra” income in your life to supplement what you’re already doing.
And it’s right at this point where most people get things very wrong. They end up starting by chasing “deals” instead of “building assets”.

Here’s something you should tape to your bathroom mirror and commit to memory right now:
“Without your money working for you, you will never be able to stop working for money.”

Most beginners, instead of looking to accumulate assets and have those assets spin off income, chase endless amounts of opportunities or lucrative deals (we like to call them “shiny objects”) and end up with nothing. Please re-read the above sentence again. Let it sink in. And the media doesn’t help much. With so many “fun” TV shows about “flipping” real estate for “quick cash” it’s easy to lose focus.

Your Mission: Do not get distracted.

Your job, as you go through this book, is to learn the best ways to build or expand an asset base and then focus your efforts like a laser beam. Make a decision right now that you’re willing to build yourself a base of assets that produce income. Look around at any person who you believe has financial freedom. They have some assets somewhere that produce income. And very likely those assets are in one of two forms. They either have:

1) A Business - Some sort of business that puts money in their pockets on a regular basis. It produces cash flow.
2) A Portfolio of Real Estate - A group of properties that puts money in their pockets on a regular basis. It produces cash flow.

Now we’re here to talk about real estate, so we’ll stick to that topic, but as you’ll learn, owning real estate is like running a business.We’d like to share a story to really make this sink in because it’s critical to you achieving the results you want.We personally know several very successful income earners. They live in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada and earn upwards of $300,000/year. Recently, one of them lost his job due to consolidation in the industry they work in. That person had to scramble to find another source of income. He had two houses, several luxury cars, and their family was used to 5-star exotic vacations. But without an immediate replacement to that person’s income he was going to have some serious financial difficulty. He had no asset base that made money for him, so he had to continue working for money.
Let’s continue the story…

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What people are saying:

Justin Walsh
Simcoe, ON

“Down-to-earth, practical tips and a wonderful perspective, especially enjoyed the chapter on Creating Lifetime Value, instead of Now Value”.

Micheal Tiveron
Oakville, ON

“I have attended many courses on business start ups and this was undoubtedly far superior to any. You will make great money if you apply the method.”

Jude Dholah
Mississauga, ON

“This system really does work! They understand your concerns and are able to walk you through the process because they have done it themselves. I would highly recommend Tom and Nick and their Income for Life program to anyone looking at investing in Real Estate.”

Joe & Steve Skrinjar
Mississauga, ON

“We run a Contracting company so we obviously had some doubts about making money in real estate without fixing up properties. But Tom and Nick have really put together a good system. We closed on our first property and the very next day we had multiple people at the house. This is great way to invest in real estate.”

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Nick Karadza quit his job at Oracle Corporation, to give real estate 100% of his focus. He began investing at the age of 21 by successfully buying, renovating, and selling a home for profit in only 3 months.
A decade later, he now owns and runs Rock Star Real Estate with his brother, Tom, helping other local real estate investors live life on their terms!
Tom Karadza quit his job as a Software Sales Manager at NetSuite Inc. as it was going public on the New York Stock Exchange to be a full time real estate investor and entrepreneur.
He later joined his brother, Nick, to help launch Rock Star where they both share the hard-learned lessons they acquired over their years of investing in real estate.
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