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Investing in real estate can be overwhelming and frustrating if you don't know where to start...

that's why we put together the Income for Life for Canadians Book. Inside you'll learn:

  • how to find and buy nice homes in nice to negotiate closing, get maximum ROI, and increase your cash flow from every property
  • how to advertise your property and attract good tenants...we even include the exact wording to use in your ads
  • the common mistakes and traps beginner and experienced investors fall into...and you how you can avoid them, and so much more!

This is the ultimate step-by-step guide to investing in real estate in grab your free copy today!

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Get the exact systems & strategies Canadians are using to profitably invest in real estate in Ontario...without touching a hammer!

  • The exact marketing systems to fill your property with good tenants fast...and how to negotiate for the tenant to take care of the first $300 of repairs
  • The 'snowball' strategy that can turn 3 homes into 24...without investing any additional money!
  • how to get a big fat cheque from your real estate investments...within weeks of closing!
  • How to crunch the numbers on a property to maximize your ROI and reduce your risk
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inside the book

investment strategies, advice, tips, and more! don't miss out on this awesome content.

Laying the Foundation

  • 01 - How to make a life of income in 29 days or less
  • 02 - quick start #1: Preparation
  • 03 - Quick Start #2: Systems
  • 04 - Quick Start #3: Marketing

Beyond the Basics

  • 08 - sometimes investing can be boring
  • 09 - number crunching for single rental units
  • 10 - five things that might be holding you back
  • 11 - using rock star systems to fill your property: part 1

Josephine & CP Chan
Thornhill, ON

"After reading their book, I knew I’d found a workable system and an experienced team that would help me in real estate investing. The wonderful thing is that Rock Star had developed a proven step by step process already. I just needed to execute it!”

Colleen & George Haykin
Oakville, ON

"We quickly devoured the e-book… we wanted to get in on the RTO strategy. We wanted to get the most out of our investing dollars and RTO seemed like a low-risk, high return way to make that happen."

Laying the Foundation

  • 01 - are you ever going to be able to retire or are you going to mop floors at mcdonalds?
  • 02 - how not to get started!
  • 03 - a simple slow wealth building strategy
  • 04 - how $10,000 can make you wealthy! the buy & hold strategy kicked up a notch

Tony & Marilou Soria
Mississauga, ON

"Back in the Philippines, I built residential houses and sell them for profit. We really didn't have a clear vision on real estate investing in Canada. That has all change and my eyes were open to all the opportunities that lie ahead when we came across the Income for Life strategy. I was absolutely astounded when I learned what an average person is capable of in the world of real estate investing!"

Colleen & George Haykin
Oakville, ON

"We quickly devoured the e-book… we wanted to get in on the RTO strategy. We wanted to get the most out of our investing dollars and RTO seemed like a low-risk, high return way to make that happen."

Beyond the Basics

  • 05 - the 10/5/10 investment strategy
  • 06 - the most important key to your success in real estate investing
  • 07 - how to find & buy nice homes below value
  • 08 - how to negotiate thousands off of the price when you buy a home 9 more exciting chapters and 3 BONUS gifts!

Grab my free book now

What are other people saying?

Sheryl Chavez & Andrew Oswald
, ON

"Our search is over! That is the search for a program that works. Thanks to Nick and Tom and this great Rent to Own program.
We have recently found a tenant buyer for our first investment home and a couple more tenant buyers are lined up, willing to wait for our next property!"

Francis Moon
Toronto, ON

"I am blown away with this investment strategy and system! I was able to place a tenant in the property so quickly that I had not even made my first mortgage payment. Tom & Nick have put together a great system, thanks for your help guys. Amazing."

Kevin Barnard
Smithville, ON

"My wife and I got involved in a few ventures over the past few years including rental properties in less desirable areas. When we saw Tom & Nick's ad regarding purchasing nice homes in nice neighbourhoods it peaked our interest. We followed the plan to a tee and our first RTO was not only a success but was completed in remarkable time!"

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